Once accepted into the Waterfront program, how long will it take to publish??

Once Waterfront receives your completed and edited manuscript along with cover artwork and Amazon forms, we will begin the process of preparing, formatting and cataloguing your book for distribution on Amazon and our Waterfront store. To ensure that all efforts are made to best promote and market your work, this process can take up to three or four months to complete with full promotion taking up to a month longer.

Print on Demand (POD)

It takes around three weeks, sometimes more, sometimes less, and then I like to say another month to two for corrections, and finally about two-three weeks to finalize everything and get it all approved.

The process is pretty unique, as each author is, so sometimes it's a quicker process than other times. It's not an exact science


Kindle eBook

It takes about two weeks to convert. If you're submitting your book to be converted into both print and ebook, you'll make corrections for the print book, and those will be applied to ebook. This means however long it takes for you to correct your print book, the same will be applied to the kindle ebook. 

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