What kind of authors are best suited for the Waterfront program?

The program was launched as a way for qualified authors to take more control and responsibility for publishing their work and building an audience. Because of this, the program is best suited for authors who are also working to promote their book independently, have built a platform around their work and are willing and able to continue marketing efforts beyond the initial amazon 30 day marketing campaign. We do not recommend the program for authors who are not in a position to complement Amazon’s marketing effort and do not encourage authors to view theWaterfront Publishing and marketing effort as the sole effort needed to market the book.

Because successfully nontraditional published book require sales channel and/or provide vigorous marketing support, the Waterfront Press model is best  is suited for the serious author who can make a modest investment in their book and a substantial investment of their own time and energy in building and audience for their work.

A successful marketing campaign for authors would include:

  1. Author’s workshops and speaking engagements
  2. Online courses, videos and complementary media
  3. Accompanying website, blog and online presence
  4. Identity-brand development for growing a loyal customer base and create “word of mouth” support
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